Automatic or manual machines for the skewer production

All machines are designed by qualified technicians and with the help of the most advanced and updated solid design programs. The design of each part of the machines is automatically processed in CAM layouts which are sent directly, via LAN, to the CNC machines used for their production. All parts are made with tolerances that guarantee maximum reliability and interchangeability. At the end of assembly and before delivery to customers, each machine undergoes strict controls and approximately 100 hours of simulation of operation.

Automatic skewering machine

Automatic skewering machine

Manual skewering machine

Accessories for cooking

Innovative and high quality accessories for cooking skewers.

Family Barbecue

Food use skewers

All VN skewers are of the highest quality and made with precision, they are also suitable for both manual use and automatic machines.

Wood Skewers

Bamboo Skewers


Configure the product you would like to create independently and we will offer you the solution that best suits your needs.